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Water extinguishers permanent pressure - Standard

WN2A, WN6A, WN9A - Fluorine free

Economy Line - Standard

The DÖKA permanent pressure water fire extinguishers are equipped with an extinguishing agent cylinder made of quality sheet steel. The high-quality outer polyester resin coating is tough and weatherproof and protects the extinguishing agent container from corrosion. Inside, the extinguishing agent container is protected from corrosion by a thermoplastic polymer inner coating. The metal fitting with pressed brass body is equipped with a pressure gauge and a separate test valve

Aqueous solution

The extinguishing effect is based on the heat binding capacity (heat capacity) of the water. The seat of the fire is cooled down considerably and the combustion is stopped. The extinguishing agent consists of water with and the addition of highly effective additives. As a result, our water fire extinguishers achieve excellent ratings in fire class A. The extinguishing agent is completely free of PFOS and PFOA.


Fire class A, combustible solid materials
such as wood, car tires, textiles

Electrical systems
Up to 1.000 V, minimum distance 1 meter

Areas of application
Administration and production areas, car workshops, sales rooms, guest areas in hotels and restaurants, schools, public areas, cinemas, discos, private areas

Technical data


Capacity: 9 kg ltr. foam
Rating: 13A
Dimensions H x W x D ca. mm: 410 x 185 x 110
Weight ca. kg: 3,9
Throw range ca. m: 4-6
Discharge time ca. Sek.: 12
Operating temp. °C: 0 to +60


DÖKA water fire extinguisher WN6A
  • Pressure lever valve with brass body
  • Pressure gauge and separate test valve
  • Cylinder with polyester resin coating
  • Foot ring optional
  • Bilingual operating screen German / English

Quality features

Pressure lever valve with brass body, manometer and test valve

Nickel-plated brass fittings, the handle and the pressure lever are made of powder-coated steel. A manometer shows the functionality of the fire extinguisher at all times. A separate test valve simplifies service.