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Training extinguishers WN-UE

WN6UE, WN9UE - Extinguishing exercises with stored pressure fire extinguishers

The practice fire extinguishers DÖKA WN6UE and WN9UE are equipped with the original fittings of the permanent pressure fire extinguishers and thus simulate the actually existing fire extinguishers, which enables realistic practice with permanent pressure fire extinguishers. These practice fire extinguishers are filled with pure water, which prevents contamination from extinguishing agents. The special extinguishing nozzles make the extinguishing agent jet appear similar to that of a powder extinguisher. Foam and water nozzles are also optionally available, whereby different extinguishing agents can be simulated.

Because they are filled with pure water, these practice fire extinguishers are suitable for all common manual fire simulators that are operated with gas. To make it easy to refill the practice fire extinguishers, we use brass fittings specially made for these devices. As a result, these practice fire extinguishers have a particularly large filling opening and can be reassembled very easily after filling with pure water.


Practice fire extinguishers are not approved as fire extinguishers and must not be used for fire protection!


Capacity: 6 ltr.
Dimensions H x W x D ca. mm: 525 x 270 x 170
Weight filled ca. kg: 10,4