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Mobile foam extinguisher SK50 - Foam cartridge

SK50A-1, SK50B-1 with foam concentrate cartridge

The innovative design of these devices combines all the features that can be found on modern extinguishing devices of this type. Namely, maximum functional benefit, simple service and low maintenance costs. The container and chassis form two separate units. In this way, welded connections on the pressure vessel are reduced to the bare minimum and any repair work is considerably simplified. The large base frame of the chassis serves as a ram protection for the container and as a carrying aid for transport over stairs and landings.

The extinguishing agent container is made of stainless steel and offers the best possible corrosion protection and a considerably longer service life than extinguishing agent containers with an interior coating. The adjusted pressure regulation guarantees a constant jet of extinguishing agent from the beginning to the end of the extinguishing.

Foam in concentrate cartridge

In foam cartridge fire extinguishers, the foam concentrate is separated from the water and stored in a cartridge. The foam concentrate and water are only mixed in the case of use by opening the propellant gas bottle. The separate storage of the foam concentrate guarantees years of durability and a constant extinguishing effect that cannot be achieved with comparable pre-mixed foam concentrates.

Thanks to optimized extinguishing agent additives, our foam cartridge fire extinguishers achieve ratings (extinguishing agent units) that can otherwise only be achieved with powder fire extinguishers, and that in fire classes A and B. New formulations of the extinguishing agent concentrates only require the smallest amounts of foam concentrate. Because it is kept in the cartridge, the foam concentrate not only lasts for years, but these small amounts of extinguishing agent can also be disposed of easily and in an environmentally friendly manner after the end of its useful life.

The fire extinguishing agent foam is created from a water / foam agent mixture by adding air. In the case of fires involving solid substances (fire class A), the high network effect combined with the interruption of the gas exchange and the cooling effect result in the excellent extinguishing properties. Foam extinguishing agents work by covering the entire surface of flammable liquids with a vapor-tight foam blanket, which prevents the entry of oxygen (sticking effect) and cools the surface (cooling effect).


Fire class A, combustible solid materials
such as wood, car tires, textiles

Fire class B, flammable liquids
such as petrol, paint, oil

Electrical systems
SK50A-1 can be used up to 1.000 V, minimum distance 1 meter;
SK50B-1 use only in voltage-free systems.

Areas of application
Manufacturing areas, car workshops, printing shops, warehouses, furniture stores. If there is a high risk of fire or if there is a risk of fire spreading rapidly.

Technical data

SK50A-1 Standard nozzle

Capacity: 50 ltr. Foam
Rating: A / IV B
Dimensions H x W x D ca. mm: 1020 x 420 x 600
Weight ca. kg: 91
Throw range ca. m: 4-6
Discharge time ca. Sek.: 105
Operating temp. °C: 0 to +60
MED 2014/90/EU: Yes

Optionally available with 5 or 10 metre hose line


DÖKA mobile foam fire extinguisher SK50A-1
  • Foam cartridge system
  • Comfortable one man operation
  • Modular construction of cylinder and carriage frame
  • Stainless steel cylinder with polyester resin coating
  • Fixed pressure regulation
  • Supplied with 5 metre hose as standard, 10 metre optional
  • Bilingual operating screen German / English
  • Simple service, thus low maintenance costs