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Protective cover for fire extinguishers FSP

Protective cover FSP made of red, high-strength Trevira fabric. For a good attachment to the fire extinguisher, an elastic band is incorporated on the back, which largely encloses the fire extinguisher. The "fire extinguisher" symbol is printed on the front.

Fire extinguishers must be easily accessible and clearly visible at all times. The signal red color of the protective tarpaulin FSP supports this and does not "hide" the fire extinguisher like conventional protective tarpaulins made of PVC.

Cover FSP6/12

Suitable for all portable fire extinguishers from 6 kg to 12 kg capacity, up to a diameter of 200 mm, width up to 280 mm and a height of 700 mm.

Schutzplane FSP50

The protective tarpaulin DÖKA FSP50 is ideal for protecting mobile powder and foam extinguishers up to 50 kg/l from dust and dirt. As the protective tarpaulin FSP50 encloses the extinguisher on all sides, it offers good protection against the effects of the weather.
Suitable for our mobile powder and foam extinguishers with a capacity of 50 kg/l. Diameter up to 400 mm, depth 550 mm, height up to 950 mm.

DÖKA protective cover FSP6/12