Brown Coal Dust Fire Extinguishers

for dusts

Stored pressure water fire extinguisher WN9BKSF

The fire extinguisher DÖKA WN9BKSF is implemented as stored pressure extinguisher. This, by it´s function and duration of about 14 minutes, it is also excellent for preventive use to wet atmospheres with extinguishing agent and to bind dust. The long hose and extinguishing lance ensure sufficient distance of the user from the fire. For use in outdoor areas the extinguishing agent is protected against freezing up to -30°C.

Cartridge operated water fire extinguisher Wi9BKSF

Water fire extinguisher DÖKA Wi9BKSF special suitable for the control of brown coal dust smoldering fires or other explosive dust atmospheres. The fire extinguisher Wi9BKSF is equipped with a push button valve and internal CO2-cartridge, and is mainly suitable for the fire fighting operations. The push button valve is made of brass and has a safety valve. The extra long hose as well as the long lance allows the user a sufficient distance from the fire. By supplementing the extinguishing agent is frost resistant to -30 ° C.

Cartridge operated dry powder fire extinguisher Gi12BKS

The fire extinguisher DÖKA Gi12BKS is equipped with a push button valve (made of brass) with internal CO2-cartridge and is filled with 12kg ABC-dry powder. He is usable in almost every explosive dust atmospheres, in which a fluidizing the existing dust during fire fighting operation must be avoided. The fire extinguisher Gi 12BKS has this special extinguishing lance, which comprises applying the extinguishing agent especially soft and without high pressure. In order to maintain the greatest possible distance from the fire, we use extra long lances and hoses.