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S-CAFS - Backpacks

CAFS - Compressed Air Foam System

Portable and mobile water mist CAFS extinguishing systems from DÖKA reduce response time, increase efficiency and control the fire hazard in the initial stage. The specially designed atomization nozzle creates optimum droplet sizes for extensive heat absorption with maximum lancing distance. DÖKA products are designed to operate with either water or most available foam agent and are manufactured in sizes from 9L to 12L and 50L. All fire extinguishers are developed and produced with high quality precision parts and German engineering expertise.

Portable or with optional backpacks

The DÖKA S-CAFS9, as a portable version, can additionally be equipped with a backpack, which makes it comfortable to carry on the back for longer periods of time. The backpack can also be retrofitted later.

The S-CAFS12 is supplied with a backpack as standard.

Water mist

Other water mist systems provide droplets in the range between 50 and 999 μm. According to the American guideline NFPA 750, class 1 water mist has droplets of up to 200 μm. Droplets of this ideal size remain more elusive and can usually only be ensured under high pressure.

The DÖKA S-CAFS extinguishers produce a droplet size of 100 and 150 μm with a working pressure of just 8.5 bar!

The water mist is generated by the kinetic energy of the compressed air on the liquid in a self-developed nozzle system. The compressed air swirls up the liquid and atomizes it into small droplets of the size 100-150 μm, which cools the firing hearth 50 times faster than with an ordinary water jet.

Functional principle S-CAFS Profi Line​

1 - Extinguishing agent container

Depending on the model selected, up to 50 liters of extinguishing agent are possible.


Fire class A, combustible solid materials
such as wood, car tires, textiles

Fire class B, flammable liquids*
such as petrol, paint, oil

Electrical systems
Up to 1.000 V, minimum distance 3 metres
Up to 35 kV with special nozzle on request (spray mode only)

Frost proof*
Down to -30 °C

MED 2014/90/EU
Ecodare 423 only

* Only when using suitable extinguishing agents


Technical data

S-CAFS9 Standard

Stainless steel cylinder

In the standard version, the S-CAFS 9 is supplied as a portable fire extinguisher without backpack.

Technical data

Cylinder: Stainless steel
Extinguishing agent: Pure water or Foam
Capacity: 9 l
Rating fire class A*: 55 A
Rating fire class B*: 233 B
Dimensions ca. mm: 260 x 420 x 820
Weight ca. kg**: 14,9 kg empty, 25 kg ready for use
Discharge time ca. s: 23
Throw range ca. m: 16 – 18 Jetmode / ca. 6 – 7 Spraymode
Operating temp. °C**: +5 bis +60
Approvals: DIN EN 3, GS, TÜV, MED**

*   Test with Ecodare 423
** Depending on the extinguishing agent used