Cartridge operated - DS-Series

Foam fire extinguisher SK 6DS

Foam concentrate cartridge, composite valve with universal handle

The design of the new fire extinguisher of the DS series, we have paid particular attention to compact dimensions as possible. By the side leaving the hose a low height of the fire extinguisher is possible, so that the units of the DS series also fit in small cabinets and niches. The valve plate of these fire extinguishers is made of glass fiber reinforced composite material and provided with a brass caption nut. All threaded holes are reinforced with metal inlets.

Through optimized foam concentrates our foam fire extinguisher with foam concentrate cartridges reaches ratings in fire classes A and B as they were otherwise only be achieved with powder fire extinguishers. With new formulations of the extinguishing agent concentrates only small amounts of the foam concentrate are required. For example, in the fire extinguisher SK 6DS only 0.09 liters of foam concentrate in a cartridge. Through the provision in the cartridge the foam concentrate keeps for years and can be disposed of easily and environmentally friendly after the expiry of its useful life.

Foam extinguisher, e.g. SK 6DS, capacity 6 l, with foam concentrate cartridge, push button valve, CO2-cartridge, hose with turnable pistol, spray nozzle, wall bracket. Tested and approved in accordance with DIN EN 3 for Class AB fires. Cartridge operated type.

  • New ergonomic design
  • Easy to use